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Pilot Collaboration is Completed

As of November 16, BCICRR and Immigrant Rights Action have completed our six scheduled information and resource sessions for this fall.  Clients were assisted with school registration and citizenship application issues.   Teams visited Welcoming the Stranger English classes to inform them of the kinds of services available to them.  In all it has been a process of growth and learning for both organizations.

Unfortunately, Immigrant Rights Action is not able to continue collaboration into the new year.  They are entering a period of organizational strategizing and planning that will go through the first half of 2024.  Their small staff needs to prioritize the work for developing their mission but the door is open to the possibility of  BCICRR being a part of that future.
Meanwhile, as you will read in our latest newsletter, we have a new outlet for service to unaccompanied refugee minors.  We continue our work with the flourishing family from Afghanistan.  And we will look for other avenues to provide broader service and stronger administrative structure for our all-volunteer organization.

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We Pray For Peace

We would be remiss to not use this forum to express our continued prayer for peace in the Middle East.  Our hearts are with all of the Israeli and Palestinian civilians impacted by the violence, and especially with those whose loved ones were killed or are now held hostage.  We at BCICRR mourn the loss of every life as we continue our mission to support survivors of conflict.  We pray for peace.

Our interfaith community grounds our work in the teachings of our diverse traditions. Each meeting of BCICRR begins with a reading or reflection from a member of the community. We share one of them here.


Bucks County Interfaith Coalition for Refugee Resettlement (BCICRR) was founded in 2016 as an all-volunteer group working together to support two Syrian families.


The coalition is made up of Christians, Jews, Muslims, and others who have come together to provide friendship, practical assistance, and financial support for these families. Along the way we have become an extended family, supporting and learning from one another.

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