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The family has asked us not to publish photos of their faces nor to put anything on social media out of a concern for their safety and for relatives still in Afghanistan. (It’s ok to show the children, so look forward to cute photos of the children later on.) This photo shows Khurshid, Afsoon, Nooranshah, and Shazia in their new home. They are looking at a poster prepared for them by the children of Beth El synagogue. The central calligraphy is Salaam (peace) in their language, the surrounding squares say “welcome” in various languages.

Nooranshah, Afsoon and their family

In February of 2022, BCICRR proudly welcomed Nooranshah, his wife Afsoon, their children Kurshid age 7, Abubaker4, and Mohammad Sediq (1). Also part of the family is Nooranshah’s sister, Shazia.


Nooranshah is full time employed as a driver for a health care provider. Kurshid is an energetic first grader.  Her brother Abubakker is happy in preschool and very into dinosaurs.  Mohammad Sediq is walking and has a very flirtatious grin. The older children have become competent English speakers in a short time. Afsoon and Shazia are diligently working with English tutors and have recently passed their driver permit tests.  When they get their drivers licenses they will have greater independence.

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