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Fundraising and Donation Needs

Furniture Donations

The Furnishings Team is searching for the following housewares:

  1. A good vacuum cleaner

  2. Standing and table lamps

  3. A pressure cooker

  4. A large room fan

  5. A queen-sized bed frame

  6. A large coffee table

  7. 3 alarm clocks

  8. Bunk beds and/or a crib, depending on the ages of the children

If you have any of these items to donate, complete this survey, and someone from BCICRR will contact you with more information. Monetary Donations Before the family arrives, we want to make sure that we have the funds to help them get on their feet. Congress has approved benefits for Afghan refugees, and we know that they will want to find jobs as soon as they can. To supplement this income, we estimate that an additional $20,000 will support the family for the first year. With $60,000 we could assist three families as they get settled in their new lives.

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